The Rosary


The Rosary CD was honored as a final nominee for two Unity Awards - "Devotional Album of the Year" and "Spoken Word Album of the Year"!

This is the long-awaited Rosary CD that Gretchen Harris has referred to so many times in the past. This is a very special one because it is led by holy priests - four different priests leading each of the four sets of Mysteries (including the Luminous!) - and four different musical accompaniments depending on the mood of the Mystery. Gretchen prays the responses and announces the Fruits of the Mysteries to add to the meditational experience. Each Rosary is about 18 minutes in prayer, and they are all included on one CD! Says Gretchen, "I am so blessed and honored to pray with each and every person who buys this CD. My heart and soul is with them, and I feel this privilege very deeply." This is a wonderful gift for people who pray the Rosary and for people who would love to learn how to join in this beautiful prayer!


UCMVA's 2006 "Female Vocalist of the Year," Gretchen is a Catholic Christian singer/songwriter whose music expresses her deep love for God and Church.

Songs from Gretchen's six CDs can be heard on Catholic and Christian radio stations in the United States and many other countries, in addition to the worldwide radio outreach of EWTN.

Recent television appearances have been in Boston, San Antonio, Ohio, and includes a half hour concert showcase on EWTN's BACKSTAGE and performances on Dana's series WE ARE ONE BODY.

Dana selected Gretchen to sing with her and Mark Girardin on the recording and the video of the powerful pro-life song "THIS IS MY BODY." This recording was honored with Unity Awards for "Contemporary Song of the Year" and "Music Video of the Year." It's one of Gretchen's deepest honors to take part in that song in respect for Life.

Gretchen ministers through concerts, speaking engagements, and radio programs, performing most recently in Italy, Germany, Canada, Brazil, all over the USA, and in her hometown of Los Angeles, California.

In addition to her vocation as wife and mother of three children, Gretchen enjoys reaching out to others through her music ministry. She is busy ministering with her music, and she would love to come sing at your church!


Reviewer: Margaret (click for website)
This is a lovely CD, I highly recommend it. Each mystery is about 18 minutes, and the flow is perfect...not to fast or too slow. Enjoy!

Nice but not exactly what I was looking for
Reviewer: Irma Lopez
This is a very nice CD for praying the Rosary but was not exactly what I was looking for. I had heard one that had music and signing in-between the Mysteries. The Priest's voice sounded the same in the sample so I thought this was the same CD. The CD is very nice for my drive to and from work and keeps me very calm. I just miss the music.

I love the CD.
Reviewer: Chris Stackhouse
I love this CD. I pray the rosary every day and like to pray the rosary when driving.

Reviewer: beverly magee
I was very pleased with the Rosary CD and the short time it took to receive it after placing my order. I look forward to playing it everyday. I have just one tiny critique. The audio of the priest's voices may need to be turned up a little bit more. Thank You All!

Reviewer: Cristóvão Benígno de Oliveira Fabre
I would like to receive a cd with the prayers of the rosary. Please, write me.

Love It!!!
Reviewer: Lourdes
I have prayed the rosary everyday for a very long time and have one other rosary CD. I have to say that this CD is so beautiful and so peaceful and I am so glad that I found it! Thank you!

Great, relaxing and concise
Reviewer: Nicole
I love this CD! I use to say the rosary daily but somehow got out of practice. Having this CD allows me to turn of the lights at the end of my day and have nice relaxing music play in the background while being lead through the rosary. Perfect! Other CDs I have tried have a lot of othre music going on and extra things that I dont always want. This is the rosary, plain and simple but beautifully done! Thank you Gretchen!

Speedy service and brilliant CD
Reviewer: J Gilsenan
This CD is great for praying the rosary. The fruits of each mystery are prayed at the beginning of each decade of the rosary.Inspirational.

Awesome product and speedy service!
Reviewer: Julie Cota
Awesome CD I would recommend to any catholic inspiring to create a personal relationship with God and the Holy Family