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This is a community of faithful Christians, and we believe in mutual intercessory prayer out of love for God and each other.

Please pray for the following:

Please pray for the successful completion of my Sung Rosary project, that I will secure the necessary funds, find the funds that exist that I just can't see, and that I will not try to complete it alone. Also, please pray that when I sing the prayers, that my vocals will be transparent, showing the many blessings I have garnered from singing this rosary to our Lord and Lady. Thank you.



From Joseph C.

Please pray that my CD of original compositions , A Bouquet to Mary, now in its final stages, will be successfully completed. The foe is doing all it can to scuttle the project.

Please pray for my 22y/o daughter. Two months ago she discovered that she had a tumor in the upper right maxilla and in the mouth. Please pray that it be benign. She is getting ready for surgery soon. It will be a rather large surgery because they will have to remove a part of the upper jaw and upper palate and I don't know what else. Please pray that she have a successful surgery and no complication during the surgery or after-care.

Thank you

- Her mom

Pray for my Mom

My Mom, Denise, has recently been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. She has had 3 chemotherapy treatments so far, and will be having a CAT scan on May 26 to see how the lymphoma is responding. Please pray that the treatments will remove all traces of cancer from her body. She is experiencing severe back pain during this time (believed to be a result of the swollen lymph nodes along her spine). This pain and the medicine keeps her from getting restful nights of sleep. Please also pray that she is able to sleep and be refreshed so she can fight this terrible disease with the help of the Lord.

Thank you and God bless,
- Karen

Please pray for Dena Brehm who was in an accident and still is in a coma.(see type in UTAH and dena)

Please pray for Jodi Campbell who has brain cancer and is gaining more strength from her 12 and 8 year old girls.

My husband Mike had brain surgury May 27th for a brain tumor which mestatisized from a lung tumor which we did not know he had. He is recovering very well from surgery because of all the prayers that are being said for him. His cat scan did not show up any other cancer, but will be having a pet scan tomorrow to make sure. I was given "Hope for tomorrow" from a friend and it is so comforting. I ask prayer for Mike and our family. Mike is 50. We have 5 children (4 married) and we have 3 grandchildren with another due any time. His vision has been affected by the brain tumor, but other than that, he is feeling good. We will know in a few days what treatment plan he will have. God's love has poured out on us from all our family and friends and people we don't even know.
Thank You!
Mary Ann